The Office


Created from a project that has been carefully designed, and in order to always do better in the specialty of labor law, the Office Célio Neto Advogados initiated its activities, based on the solid experience of its founding partner in Labor Law.

Personalized service, pro-active approach and the use of the best techniques are some of the differentials in the preservation of the interests of our customers.

The main focus of the board of lawyers is the defense of the corporate society, either in court and extrajudicial.

We understand a permanent and preventive monitoring is necessary in order that the actions of today do not become the liability of tomorrow.

Aware of this context, noting solid ethical standards, and adopting cutting-edge approach, we aim to promote a proper study in order to find the best alternatives for the employer, in the direction of capital/labor relations.

Therefore we believe it is essential to understand the enterprise business and the particularities of each of the various sectors or operating units in order to give effect to the standards of excellence that we have set ourselves.